Organisations can become 'greener' with our sustainable review tool.

CIPS 1 April 2011

Organisations can become greener with out sustainable review tool.

CIPS sustainable procurement review tool launched on the 31 March to coincide with the Sustainable Purchasing and Supply Summit. The tool aims to aid organisations to reap the full benefits of sustainable procurement.
Sustainable procurement is a hot topic as the demand for ‘greener’ products is forcing suppliers to change and adapt to win new business. Supply chains account for more than 50% of an average company’s carbon emission, meaning businesses need to take into what their suppliers are doing to reduce this, along with what they can do themselves.
The CIPS sustainable procurement review tool enables businesses to measure the sustainability of their supply chain and for suppliers to demonstrate this to customers. The new tool is a response to increasing demand from businesses for help to benchmark their purchasing performance and progress towards putting sustainable procurement at the heart of their organisations. 
The Review is designed to be completed on an annual basis and will rate the organisation Gold, Silver, Bronze or entry-level standard across aspects of environmental, social and economic policy and procedure.  At the end of the review, a comprehensive report is provided and an auditor will provide advice on what is required to maintain or improve results.
David Noble, Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply said:
“Our members are increasingly aware of the benefits of sustainable procurement, not only to meet regulations, but as a strategic contributor in planning for future innovation and profit, following the lead of trail-blazers such as Unliever, Vodafone, and M&S.
“However, demonstrating the cost-benefits of fully-integrated sustainability within the business, and furthermore across industries and the economy as a whole is hard to do due to the complex nature of business itself and the uncertain environment in which they are increasingly operating.  This tool will help by not only measuring the effectiveness of sustainable procurement programmes but also help develop a framework for improvements.”

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