Procurement & Supply Chain Innovation 2021 Raconteur report in The Times newspaper

CIPS 24 March 2021

Global report and roundtables from the respected Raconteur series

How will lessons learnt from the pandemic improve supply chains in the long run? Featuring Malcolm Harrison, Group CEO of CIPS, the report looks at how supply chains are transforming through technology and transparency. From the respected Raconteur series of reports also featured in The Times newspaper.

Raconteur is also running a series of roundtables with global supply chain leaders on the topic of building a resilient and sustainable supply chain in 2021.

Malcolm Harrison, “It’s always been important that a procurement-supply function is highly aligned with what your business stands for, but these days companies are thinking much more about their purpose. It’s not just about delivering profit to shareholders, they’re also thinking about what they are doing about the important issues to society.”

Read the FREE report. The roundtable films will be available soon.

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