Commonwealth Business Council (CBC) joins the PanAvest Partnership and Institute of Operations Management supply chain management professional development Initiative

CIPS 21 January 2013

Commonwealth Business Council (CBC) joins the PanAvest Partnership

As part of the ongoing efforts to further assist developing countries and their private sector attain a standard that enables them to play a significant role in globalization, the Commonwealth Business Council today announced their endorsement of the PanAvest partnership and the Institute of operations management joint initiative on the professionalization of operations, and supply chain management personnel in Africa.  

Commenting on the announcement, Dr Mohan Kaul Co-chairman of the Commonwealth Business Council said “The innovative partnership which led to the establishment of an independent distinguished extraordinary chair for operations and supply chain management professional development is a major breakthrough for functional skills development in Africa.    The appointment of Dr Douglas Boateng as its 1st Chair is an important and honourable recognition of his unrelenting effort to highlight the inextricable strategic connection between supply chain management, global trade, long term job creation, and economic development” 

Dr Boateng shall be linked to selected universities and organizations on the continent in a full adjunct professorial equivalent capacity to help accelerate the up skilling of practitioners, and in particular, postgraduate students undertaking relevant public and private sector Masters and Doctoral level studies in the operational, procurement and logistics management aspects of supply chain management.

"Over the years, the Common Business Council has played a major role in connecting businesses across the commonwealth League of Nations. It is hoped that our cooperation will help further stimulate world class operations and supply chain management thinking in a manner that supports competitiveness, inward investment, Government service delivery, wider socio economic development, job creation, export lead growth and more importantly intra African trade”. Said Dr Boateng, CEO of the PanAvest partnership.

The CBC further announced that the organization shall be working closely with the PanAvest Partnership and Dr Douglas Boateng to:- (a) connect African business with their counterparts in other parts Africa and within the Commonwealth plus (b) Potentially attract relevant foreign investment and businesses into the continent.

About the Commonwealth Business Council
The Commonwealth Business Council (CBC) is an institution of the Commonwealth family.  It aims to utilize the global network of the Commonwealth of Nations more effectively for the promotion of global trade and investment for shared prosperity. It was formed at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 1997 (CHOGM), in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. The institution acts as a bridge for cooperation between business and government, concentrating efforts on these specific areas: enhancing trade; mobilizing Investment, promoting corporate citizenship, facilitating ICT for development, public private partnerships. A key feature of CBC is its global membership, comprising corporate members from both developed and developing countries. This gives the organization the capacity to make a special contribution to the debate on corporate citizenship and developmental issues across the commonwealth. More information about the CBC can be found at

About the PanAvest Partnership
The PanAvest partnership was formed to work with forward thinking businesses to enhance their value creation, market share and profitability. With advancement in information technology the organization in 2008 became “networked quasi-virtual company” with an extensive internationally independent shared vision partners and service providers. Since 2001, the organization has successfully partnered with forward thinking businesses to improve their operational performance, market share and long term value creation. More information about PanAvest can be found at

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