New England chapter in the US - Support and valuable insight for procurement and supply management professionals from CIPS in the US with the launch of a new chapter in New England

CIPS 13 October 2020

New members will receive support from CIPS to escalate progress in their own careers too with a pathway to continuing professional development. 

  • Support to be offered for and by volunteers of New England chapter to procurement and supply professionals.
  • New England chapter will support the work of the existing CIPS US office
  • Members will have opportunity to upgrade to full membership of CIPS

CIPS, the global professional body for procurement and supply welcomes its first chapter in the United States in New England this month. Covering New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont, procurement and supply professionals will be joining over 70,000 other CIPS members across the world.

The influence of good procurement and supply management at the highest levels comes at a time where businesses need excellent supply chain management to cope with the COVID 19 crisis. Over 60 professionals have joined this new chapter focusing on leadership in procurement and supply management, also education, recruitment, and best practice. Encompassing public awareness and social interest in everything they do, the chapter will be offering events and activities to businesses and organizations who want to create true value from their supply chains.

Members will receive support from CIPS to escalate progress in their own careers too with a pathway to continuing professional development. They will have the opportunity to gain the MCIPS designation as full members of CIPS which is highly-valued by employers across the globe. Each member will sign up to a code of practice dedicated to raising professional standards in their own careers and for their organizations. On completion of this continuing professional education pathway and a free ethics test and training, members will also become ‘Chartered Professionals’, demonstrating a higher level of expertise and current knowledge, highly-valued by peers and employers.

CIPS members in the New England chapter in the US can continue to increase their skills and levels of expertise through access to a number of free learning resources, including webinars, podcasts and knowledge papers and multi-media learning resources.

The CIPS/Hays Salary Survey this year found that 72% of businesses surveyed had struggled to find the right talent for their business in the US, and were looking to increase the skills and training of their teams. CIPS activity and now the work of the new chapter will encourage greater awareness of the value of resilience in supply chains and good procurement practice with trained professionals in place.

Malcolm Harrison, Group CEO, CIPS said, ”This is a significant move for CIPS to welcome colleagues and professionals from the US during an exciting time in the history of CIPS. With the advent of new digital modes of learning, a growing membership and more insight into what supply management means for disrupted supply chains, there has never been a better time to improve skills and knowledge.

“We have worked with many companies in the US and they say the same thing – professionalize, professionalize, professionalize and the search by employers for talent is a fierce one.  More and more skilled professionals are needed as the global challenges continue to mount, so this chapter and others soon to follow will play a key role in meeting this need head on.”

Vice President of CIPS Bill Michels said, “I am delighted that we have established a new chapter of CIPS in New England.  The team is enthusiastic, energetic, and has grand plans to create events to advance the procurement and supply professionals in the New England region. The most significant opportunity for the group is the ability to start from scratch and build a professional group that brings value to all of its members.

“I thank the members of New England for all of the hard work they have done to make this a reality.”

Mark Wysk, President of CIPS New England, Inc, said, “The New England Chapter is honored to join the CIPS global community of Supply Chain professionals.  It is a tremendous opportunity to be the first Chapter in the Americas which furthers the strength and knowledge of the Global Supply Chain.  The partnership provides access to a wealth of resources and provides a path for members to attain global certification status. 

“The devotion to the Supply Chain profession reads strong and true in our region, and we share the high levels of integrity, values, and skills present within membership and leaderships of CIPS.  We look forward to the future development and growth of the organization as well as the networking and interface with colleagues from around the world.”

The focus of the New England Chapter will be the combination of professional and informal activities to create an atmosphere of learning combined with enjoyment in networking with like-minded professionals. The chapter is planning a number of engaging and entertaining speakers and events on relevant topics and current challenges. The events are designed to provide the knowledge and tools to build strategic and tactical plans supporting both regional and local community initiatives.


Notes to editors:

The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply

The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) is the world’s largest professional body in this field and is the dynamic champion driving the procurement and supply management profession.  It is the worldwide centre of excellence on procurement and supply management issues.  CIPS has a global membership of over 70,000 in 150 different countries, including senior business people, high-ranking civil servants and leading academics. 

With offices around the world, CIPS is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to global best practice. Global events, global framework

The activities of procurement and supply chain professionals have a major impact on the profitability and efficiency of all types of organisation and CIPS offers corporate solutions packages to improve business profitability.; @CIPSAmericas

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