Inspiring the Future

CIPS has partnered with Inspiring the Future to help willing members find schools and colleges to speak at to encourage them into the profession. 

Visit the website and register today:

Inspiring the Future

    What is Inspiring the Future?

    Inspiring the Future is a free service which will see tens of thousands of people from all sectors and professions go into state schools and colleges to talk about their jobs, careers, and the education routes they took.

    Everyone from CEOs to apprentices can volunteer for Inspiring the Future. Recent graduates, school leavers and people in the early stages of their career can be inspirational to teenagers - being close in age they are easy to relate to; while senior staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

    Career insight talks

    By talking with young people in a school or college, you can make a real difference to their perceptions of what jobs are available, and it may inspire them to consider options that they had previously never thought about. Talking to working professionals can also help them get a realistic view on the different routes into jobs and careers, and the current labour market. 

    How it works

    It just takes five minutes to register on Inspiring the Future. By signing up, you make it easy for local schools and colleges to get in touch to see if you can help them help their pupils make better decisions about the future.  You might be asked if you could take part in a careers’ fair, in career networking (speed dating about jobs) or do a lunchtime talk to sixth formers about your job and how you got it.  Typically, volunteers will go into schools just once a year to speak with young people. During busy times, it’s easy to suspend your account. 

    Why is Inspiring the Future needed?

    Choosing a training and career path has never been more difficult for young people at school and college. The decision to go to university and face tuition fees, do an apprenticeship or try to get a job in a jobs market with 20% youth unemployment can be confusing and deeply worrying. This is especially the case for the 1.9 million children who live in workless households. They lack the family connections and role models that can provide information and encouragement to navigate the educational system and into work of choice.  Inspiring the Future, which is run by a charity backed by all the teacher unions and employers bodies, will tackle this disadvantage. During 2012 the menu of options available will be extended to cover other activities like mentoring, numeracy and literacy help,and work experience.

    Inspiring the Future: free, easy, effective and fun

    Volunteering for Inspiring the Future is free, easy, effective and fun. Volunteers and education providers are connected securely online, and volunteering can take place near home or work as employees specify the geographic locations that suit them. Criminal Records Bureau checks are not needed for career insights talks. 

    Why volunteer in a local school or college?

    • To help young people make informed choices. Going into state schools and colleges can help dispel myths about jobs and professions, and importantly, ensure that young people have a realistic view of the world of work and the routes into it.
    • Practice communication and presentation skills in a different environment. Young people are a receptive, enthusiastic and inquisitive audience; they often ask unexpected questions.
    • Getting young people interested in your job, profession or sector can help develop the talent pool and ensure a skilled workforce in the future.
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